▲ Weeds growing on the top of the trolley


Did he want to go to Bomnadri to get rid of the stuffiness?

Weeds ride the passing wind and hide in the train…

It’s not just one or two people gathered like that.

Was it because he wanted to attract attention as a nameless weed?

If that’s right, now your wish has come true.


That’s why I personally left it on my blog.

Did he want to talk to the blunt Cheolcha?

Even though it is a weed, how can it be so beautiful?

If you want to be in a relationship, it’s enough to come out wearing only sweats…

Was the ark necessary for the end of the season?

Did you need a mobile home because you wanted to wander aimlessly?

Turn around and see you again next spring.

2015. 5. 26

It’s not poetry. Even thinking about it makes my face burn.

I wrote it to cool my head, so please look at it well…..^^



▲ Trolley getting ready to leave