Thanh Khe Station is about 20 minutes by taxi from Kim Lien Station. It is located somewhat far from the beach but closer to the center of Da Nang city.

When I was looking around the station at Kim Lien Station, I asked if I could pay first and wait for about 10 minutes, and he readily agreed. I took the taxi again and moved to Thanke Station.

Tanke Station is a stop that handles neither passengers nor cargo. Looking at the railroad crossing, there are definitely historical buildings, and the station name plate is also marked as Ga Thanh Khê.


▲ Panoramic view of Tanke Station

This is the building of Tanke Station, which is larger than most simple stations. The track has two upper and lower tracks, and there is no separate platform. In a single-track section, if there are two lines without a platform and no passengers or cargo is handled, it should be regarded as a signal station because it serves only for passing trains or evacuating.


▲ Motorcycles waiting for the train to pass.

Blockers using railroad rails have completely blocked both sides of the road. I think it’s good for safety to block railroad crossings to the end of the road like this.

There is even a wire mesh installed on the breaker to prevent people from entering under the breaker (there are definitely people like this).


▲ A railroad crossing? No, the motorbikes crossing the station are spectacular.

From the point of view of road users, Tanke Station may look like a simple general railroad crossing, but from a railway perspective, it becomes one axis of a triangle. The reason for the triangular line is that Da Nang Station is in a unique position where it plays the same role as an intermediate station, access station, and terminal station.

The role of the signal field in this triangle is inevitably important. Trains going in and out of Da Nang Station often pass each other, and on the other hand, it is necessary to have a function that can change the direction of the locomotive in areas where there are no tram lines.


▲ Passenger train going to Da Nang Station

It’s such a simple station that you can see it at a glance, so you don’t have to look around and head to the taxi waiting for you to head to the next station, Danang Station.


The taxi driver who was standing around the crossing is not missing his gaze from me. Waiting without calculating may cause me to jump out…

Isn’t it?^^ Even though it was a short time, I think the sincerity of this stranger who is only interested in railroads has already been conveyed to the taxi driver a little bit, and the vigilance has been loosened.