The switch tie tamper (STT) is railway maintenance equipment and belongs to the first class mechanical equipment.


Railway maintenance equipment is usually divided into Class 1 mechanical equipment and Class 2 mechanical equipment, and Switch Tie Tamper (STT) belongs to Class 1 mechanical equipment.

The switch tie tamper is often referred to as a ‘Switch’ on the job site.


The switch tie tamper (STT) overlaps with the work of the multiple tie tamper (MTT), which corrects misalignments such as alignment, mating, and leveling of tracks.

In particular, the switch tie tamper (STT) demonstrates its ability when correcting errors in elaborate branching parts or when working on complex expansion and contraction parts, and also performs work on tying down sleepers.



▲ Switch Tie Tamper (STT) belonging to the Seoul Facilities Office of Korea Railroad Corporation