We were able to greet the spectacle as if it were synthesized at Gimcheon Station on July 25 this year. Of course, it is assumed that many people on this day were fascinated by this beauty in different ways from their respective positions. Maybe it’s just me…^^

I’ve been looking at it for a while, and I wanted to get rid of it, so I grabbed a few pictures with my smartphone. This spectacle was directed from about 05:00 to 05:20 before the first train bound for Seoul departed at 05:28.

The photos below are arranged in chronological order. If I had a digital camera, I would have been able to reflect the emotion of that time as much as possible, but it’s a pity.

▲ Samsung Galaxy21 Ultra (2021. 07. 25 05:12). ⓒRailwayNomad


▲ Samsung Galaxy21 Ultra (2021. 07. 25 05:14). ⓒRailwayNomad


▲ Samsung Galaxy21 Ultra (2021. 07. 25 05:16). ⓒRailwayNomad


▲ Samsung Galaxy21 Ultra (2021. 07. 25 05:18). ⓒRailwayNomad


The shooting date is different, but I’m uploading additional day and night photos of Gimcheon Station.

All but one shot was taken with a smartphone.

▲ Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark 2. F/3.9 ISO-400 (2018. 03. 21 06:50). ⓒRailwayNomad

Due to heavy snowfall in spring, Gimcheon Station is visible only with tram lines, rails, and signals.


▲ Samsung Galaxy21 Ultra (2021. 09. 03 21:50). ⓒRailwayNomad


▲ Samsung Galaxy21 Ultra (2021. 09. 13 11:54). ⓒRailwayNomad