If you pass Suncheon Bay Sky Cube on your way back from Suncheon Bay, how can you say you’re a railroad fan? right?

I don’t know what to call it exactly because there is no standardization for these small orbit systems yet. At least PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) looks similar, but it may not be easy to call it a popular term yet.


The business distance from Garden Station to Literature Museum is 4.64km, and there are only two stations.

The maximum design speed is 60 km/h, but the operating speed is limited to 40 km. Since the boarding section is short, I think 40km is rather appropriate. When you get in, you can feel the speed quite a bit because the vehicle is small.


The magic of nature that creates golden fields even in January.



The dainty figure of Sky Cube standing alone behind the setting sun.

The capacity of the vehicle can accommodate up to 8 adults, but 6 seems comfortable.


Skycube vehicle.

A total of 40 trains are being operated with 1 run and 1 run. The overhead line method is the third rail feeding method, which is mainly used for light rail lines such as Gimhae Light Rail and Yongin Everline.


Literature Hall Station

There is an ice cream vending machine, so grab one and ride Sky Cube. If you suck like a child, you will arrive at Garden Station before you know it.



Literature Museum Station, which has been ecstatically dyed in the evening sunset


Suncheonman Bay Sky Cube operates non-stop as there are only two stations, Jeongwon Station and Literary Hall Station.