The minimum fare is also called the basic fare because the minimum cost of running a train is reflected in the fare regardless of the short or long distance traveled.


If the fare is the consideration for transportation, the charge may be considered as a separate consideration for facilities, services, or services independent of transportation.

The rate includes a special room rate, bed rate , and additional charges .


For more detailed explanations of the minimum fares and minimum fares, as well as the minimum fares and fares for each train, please check the KORAIL Talk blog below.



Minimum fare for regular rooms and minimum fare for special rooms by train type


▲ KTX-Sancheon General Room



▲ KTX special room


The standard fare is literally the standard fare.

If you want to calculate the fare for an accompanying infant seat for an infant under the age of 4, you must have a standard fare. Children’s fares are the standard because accompanying infant seats are discounted by 50% of the child fare. However, since the child fare is also discounted by 50% of the adult fare, the adult fare becomes the base fare for the child fare.

In the end, the final standard fare will be the adult fare.

As such, the base fare can be said to be the original fare that is mainly used as a basis for calculating discount fares.