A power vehicle is a vehicle that has power and connects to other vehicles such as passenger cars or freight cars to operate, and can be accelerated, decelerated, and stopped through a control device.

Power is obtained by converting energy obtained through coal, diesel, electricity, nuclear power, magnetism, etc. into kinetic energy to obtain the power to tow oneself or other vehicles.


KTX power car

KTX power car.

It is a representative power-concentrated power car of KTX.


KTX-Sancheon's power car

KTX-Sancheon, the second-generation high-speed train made with domestic technology, is also power-concentrated.


SRT's power car

SRT is also a power-concentrated power vehicle because it is the same model as KTX-Sancheon.


KTX-Ieum's power car

KTX-Ieum is a power-dispersion type high-speed train that evenly distributes power under each passenger car. Because of this, there is a cabin that is not separated from the driver’s cab at the front and rear.


locomotive in heavy operation

The 8200 electric locomotive in heavy operation.


7600 series locomotive

It is the only diesel electric locomotive of the 7600 generation with cabs on both sides in Korea.

It is a locomotive that is not easy to meet because only 25 units are produced in small quantities by Hyundai Rotem’s license production with GE’s technology in the United States.

Because of this, it is said that they appear mainly on routes that do not have streetcars.

The two-sided cab means you don’t have to use a turntable to change the cab’s direction.


West Gold Train's diesel locomotive

The 7400 diesel locomotive was painted to be used as a dedicated locomotive for the West Gold Train.


8500 series locomotive

8500 electric locomotive.

Because of its good traction, it is mainly used on mountainous routes in Gangwon-do to tow trucks. There is no passenger car power supply, but sometimes the passenger car is connected to a generator to run.


8200 electric locomotive.

It is the most common locomotive you will encounter when riding the Mugunghwa train.


7 locomotive in operation

7 Diesel locomotives connecting to the middle age and moving to the locomotive office.


old locomotives

Old locomotives being held.