Pohang Station is a railway station on the Donghae Line in Iin-ri, Heunghae-eup, Buk-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

On April 2, 2015, the Honam High Speed Rail officially opened. The Donghae Line KTX between Seoul and Pohang was also opened.

If we strictly adhere to the standard of official opening, the Donghae Line can be said to be a direct operation rather than the opening of the KTX.


The reason that the Honam Line high-speed rail was only now able to give it the proper title is because, before its opening, only some sections of the high-speed line were operated, so it could not be regarded as a complete KTX operation.

The Donghae Line KTX between Seoul and Pohang also speed up the general arterial railway between Dongdaegu and Pohang, and then directly connects KTX and regular trains at Dongdaegu Station so that you can go to KTX at once.


In any case, the effect of direct operation is not small.

The time required for the direct Saemaeul ferry, which used to take 5 hours and 20 minutes, has been drastically increased to an average of 2 hours and 30 minutes due to the direct connection, and Pohang has come into the half-day life zone.

▲ I got off at KTX Pohang Station and looked up the most impressive thing first.

Kim Taek-gi’s work ‘The Violinist’ seems to have taken into consideration Pohang, the city of iron, and the railway.


▲ Rather than my clumsy explanation, I will show you the explanation below the sculpture.


▲ This is the KTX-Sancheon that I rode down on the opening day. That’s cool


▲ Concourse at Pohang Station with a cool feeling as it is a new station and there are no stores yet.

Elderly people around who came to see KTX, and KTX captains on one side seem to share their emotions.


▲ Panoramic view of Pohang Station. On the left, Robot Taekwon V is guarding Pohang Station.


▲ KTX-Sancheon is waiting at the departure line alongside the Mugunghwa train.

The new Pohang Station handles general trains, not just KTX stations.


▲ Probably because it is far from downtown Pohang, the surrounding area is flat.

This area, which is currently in a stagnant state of development, is the Iin-in District Urban Development Zone.


▲ There is a ticket vending machine and a nursing room between them. The latest electronic display with improved resolution catches the eye.


▲ The Travel Officer’s Lounge (TMO) on the first floor under Pohang Station.

It might be well organized by now, but at the time of the opening day, it was a bit cluttered like a moving day.

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▲ The office of the KTX express company. It is located under the escalator going down from the 2nd floor reception room to the 1st floor.

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▲ There is plenty of room for bicycle storage.


▲ KORAIL Distribution’s Storyway convenience store and Dunkin’ Donuts, Kimbap Heaven, and ‘Bono’, a sushi company, are on the left.


▲ ‘Gohyang Trek’, a store that sells agricultural specialties in Pohang


▲ Ediya, an outside retailer, is a coffee shop.


▲ This is the main entrance with the ticket window on the 2nd floor of Pohang Station and the stairs and escalator going up to the reception room.

Of course, there is an elevator and emergency stairs at the back, and if you go down that way, you will find the TMO (Travel Officer Information Center).


▲ Bus stop.

Since there are more buses going into the city than expected, there seems to be no accessibility problem.


▲ Taxis are waiting in line at the taxi stand. To the right is the bus stop

There is a lot of public transportation going into the city, so the number of taxi users compared to KTX users is on the low side.


When searching on navigation to find KTX Pohang Station by car, the keyword Pohang Station KTX is better than Pohang Station.

This is because if you search for Pohang Station, you may find Pohang Station that is closed if the navigation is not updated.

Pohang Station If you cannot find a new Pohang Station even with KTX, search for the lot number below.


■ Address of KTX Pohang Station

– Lot number address: 137-1, Iin-ri, Heunghae-eup, Buk-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

– Road name address: 328-71, Daljeon-ro, Heunghae-eup, Buk-gu, Pohang-si