The Mugunghwa train is the most popular and popular among the common people.

Since it first started operating in 1984, it has been about 40 years. Of course, since it has become very obsolete, Dawonsys has placed an order for a follow-up train. It will therefore be replaced by the EMU-150 over the next few years.


Since the Mugunghwa train is a modular type that combines multiple passenger cars into one train, the in-car facilities are not standardized.

The photo shows a transportation worker and a vehicle worker connecting an electric locomotive to a Mugunghwa passenger car at Daejeon Station.


Mugunghwa 1212 train bound for Seoul entering Dongdaegu Station.


4301 train going to Yeongju Station via Jochiwon.

The 4301 train is also called the Chungcheongbuk-do Train. The Gyeongbu Line departs from Dongdaegu Station and runs upward, but since it passes through the Chungbuk Line, the train number is the train number going down along the Chungbuk Line.

This photo was taken on March 21, 2018, during a late snowstorm. Since then, there has not been enough snow on the Gyeongbu Line that the track is not visible.

It’s only a few years, but it seems to show that the Earth’s climate is changing.


The toilet of the Mugunghwa train.

Considering that it has been in operation for nearly 40 years, it is relatively well-maintained, but it can be said that the aging of the facility is the most exposed.

Just like the wrinkles on the neck that people can feel the limits of management.


Mugunghwa Train Car No. 4 cabin. The official name is a commuter-type passenger car, and it is a space for free-style pass users such as standing seats and commuter passes.

It is equipped with the seat type of a wide-area train and equipped with vending machines for snacks and drinks. There are also plenty of power outlets for charging.

Some commuter carriages are also equipped with bicycle storage facilities.


Above is the previous view of the commuter train. It can be seen on some Mugunghwa trains.


The Mugunghwa train is pulled by 7300 diesel locomotives.

It can be seen when operated as a rescue locomotive due to a breakdown of electric locomotives, night trains, routes without tram lines, such as the Janghang Line.


Mugunghwa train’s power outlet.

Power outlets can be seen from the seats on both sides of the door of the Mugunghwa train.

However, it is not available in all Mugunghwa trains. If there is no outlet, you can use the power outlet of the commuter car (Car No. 4).


Luggage storage for Mugunghwa trains.

You can see luggage storage racks in most of the Mugunghwa limited cars.


Old-fashioned cabins of the Mugunghwa train


Cabin of the Mugunghwa Train (Limit Car)


Mugunghwa train 1215 bound for Busan crossing with KTX train 124


KTX-Sancheon and the Mugunghwa train stand proudly.