500 series Shinkansen high-speed train Kodama

I decided to take the Hello Kitty high-speed train, which is one of the important schedules during the 2nd Japan Railroad crossing (Aug. 29-9.5, 2018).

The Shinkansen train that Hello Kitty collaborated with is a cool looking Kodama.

However, it can be said that it is a local Shinkansen train because it stops at almost every station. Because it is an older Shinkansen, the space is relatively small, there is no green car that is a disqualification, and convenience facilities such as power outlets are also lacking.

It is for this reason that using Kodama, which is not popular, for collaborations is probably not common sense from the management’s point of view.


Hello Kitty Shinkansen high-speed train departing from track 20 at 11:29

The information board does not provide any information related to Hello Kitty. It’s a bit surprising.

The Hello Kitty train operated for the first time between Hakata and Shin-Osaka on June 30 this year, and made one round-trip service every Saturday for three months until September 29.

First, it leaves Hakata Station at 6:40 am and arrives at Shin-Osaka Station at 11:13 am.

The Hello Kitty train that arrived in this way leaves Shin-Osaka Station at 11:29, which is only 16 minutes later, and has to return to Hakata Station.

Therefore, considering the boarding and disembarking of passengers, cleaning and maintenance have to be completed in almost 7 to 8 minutes, so the entrance to the car is controlled and the inside is busy as if fighting a war.


Hello Kitty is on the top 500. Gonyeo-seok (I call her a real girl ^^) It’s cute, isn’t it?

As the train enters track 20, both adults and children cheer and take out their cameras and cell phones.


In Hello Kitty, which is an 8-car train, cars 1, 2, 3, 7, and 8 have unreserved seats and the remaining cars 4-6 operate with reserved seats. Among them, cars No. 1 and No. 2 have completely changed the interior to pink color, and in the rest of the rooms, only the passages and doors are given points with characters.

In particular, Car No. 1 removes the seat completely and sells related products, Hello! It has been converted into a Plaza, and the second car is named Kawaii Room (cute room? Pretty room?) and the photo zone and seat are decorated with Hello Kitty family to make you fall in love with your child.



Hello! Plaza, the first passenger car that sells Hello Kitty character products and operates a photo zone.

It was so complicated that I couldn’t get past it. The expressions of the children who came out holding mom and dad’s hands show the happiest moment.


Hello Kitty Shinkansen high-speed train stopping at Shin-Osaka Station

Even if it doesn’t, it seems that a new Shinkansen bullet train has been born by wrapping it with Hello Kitty in the cool exterior of Kodama, which is considered the best design among Shinkansen bullet trains.

I am satisfied with the fact that I managed to get some good pictures because I pressed the shutter busily while going back and forth between tracks 20 and 19 for a short time.

But on the other hand, because of the mother of the child who missed the suitcase while holding the baby on the top of the escalator, I had to properly (?) travel insurance.

When I think of the situation back then, I still feel dizzy. Fortunately, neither of them were injured.


Hello Kitty Shinkansen bullet train leaving Okayama Station

After taking the Kodama train that stops at each station for 4 hours to Hakata Station, I was hungry and too bored, so I got off at the intermediate station, Okayama Station.

Hello~ Hello Kitty!!