Dongdaegu Station is a railway station on the Gyeongbu Line where KTX high-speed rail and general trains stop together.

Daegu Station, which started operation with the opening of all sections of the Gyeongbu Line on January 1, 1905, became narrow due to the increase in the population of Daegu.


The current building in Dongdaegu Station was extended to coincide with the opening of the Gyeongbu High-Speed Railway in 2004, and by the end of next year, it will be reborn as a complex transfer center where railways, subways, and express buses can be mutually transferred in one place.

We toured the Dongdaegu area, which is under construction due to be completed at the end of 2016.

▲ Main entrance in front of Dongdaegu Station. On April 2nd, there is a banner announcing the direct connection of KTX to Pohang Station.

The back view of the little boy holding his mother’s hand and going to the train is so sweet.


▲ As of May 2015, it is in front of Dongdaegu Station, where taxis were waiting in line before.

For first-time visitors, it can feel like a maze, so it’s a bit crowded with construction.

It would be nice to have a little more free time than usual.


▲ In Dongdaegu Station, KORAIL’s regional headquarters, Daegu Headquarters, is located in the same building.

The entrance is to the left of the Gumaji room.


▲ When looking straight ahead at Dongdaegu Station, the TMO (Army Rail Transport Support Team) is on the left.


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▲ There is a KORAIL membership lounge on the upper floor of Gumajibang. It has recently been re-opened after a refurbishment.

This place is managed by a dispatched employee of Woori Bank. Please note that we do not do Woori Bank-related business.


As well as the newly refurbished lounge, the staff are quite friendly.


How to register and use a credit card for access to the KORAIL membership lounge


▲ Food court on the upper floor of Gumajibang


▲ The down-bound platform at Dongdaegu Station. It’s surprisingly quiet as the train has just left.

Dongdaegu Station is complicated as it is the first and last stop for not only high-speed trains but also trunk trains.


▲ From April 2, 2015, KTX operated directly to Pohang Station, and complex trains were also revived.

The front is the KTX-Sancheon 807 train bound for Pohang, and the back is the KTX-Sancheon 137 train bound for Busan.


When the combined train arrives at Dongdaegu Station, the train is separated, and the train bound for Pohang in the front departs first and the train bound for Busan in the back departs.

When using trains in Dongdaegu Station, you should be especially careful. If you do it wrong, you’ll end up in the wrong place.

However, especially for complex trains, KORAIL staff are also taking care of them, and if you watch the broadcasts, electronic signs, and tickets carefully, there is no problem.

The surest thing is to ask the staff and ride.


▲ South of Dongdaegu Station. You can come out this way when you leave the New Room.

If you have enough time on the train, it’s a good idea to spend some time looking at the view from here.


▲ The ticket window of Shinmajibang and outside stores.

Since the complex transfer center is not yet completed, only the Inji Shinmaji room is operated, and the new ticket window has not been operated yet.


▲ New guest room.

In the distance, under the electronic signboard, you can see the passage connecting the old and new rooms.


▲ Gumaji room.

It could be the central main entrance to get on the train.


▲ Construction site of Shinsegae Centum City Department Store. Looks like this will be the main entrance.


▲ The front of Shinsegae Centum City Department Store.

You will see the entrance to the Dongdaegu Subway Station on the right.

As a complex transfer center, it is born as a place where you can transfer not only high-speed rail and trunk rail, but also subways and express buses in one place.


▲ Construction site of Express Bus Terminal.

Shinsegae Centum Department Store and Express Bus Terminal are expected to be connected naturally.


▲ A bird’s eye view of Shinsegae Centum City Department Store.

When completed, it is expected to play a role as a major transportation hub in Daegu as well as a shopping spot.


Daegu’s department stores are expected to be divided into Hyundai Department Store and Shinsegae Centum City, leading to a full-fledged whale fight.

If that happens, Lotte Department Store’s Daegu branch, which competes with the advantage of transportation and the same commercial area, seems to be the most troubled.


▲ The former Express Bus Terminal is currently being used as a temporary parking lot.


▲ The construction site and Dongdaegu area seen from the south