I went on a package tour to Da Nang to look around the Vietnam Railway using the moment when the sky road was open.

I chose the package product with half a day of free time to secure some free time to look around the railroad.


Finally, on the second day, in order to make the most of my free time in the morning, I ate breakfast in time for the opening of the hotel breakfast room and hurriedly took a taxi.

Since I’m not used to using a grab taxi, I asked the hotel to call a taxi. Just in time, he picked up the vina option that was waiting at the hotel.

For reference, in Vietnam, if you need to get a taxi right away without using a Grab taxi, you should choose a Vinasun or Mylin taxi.


First of all, I headed to Kim Lien Station, which is located in the farthest of the train stations within the limit of digestion in the morning.

After driving for about 30 minutes, we left the main road and entered the alleyway. Beyond the ambiguous boundary between the road and the station square, Kimrien Station, lavishly decorated with pink flowers called bougainvillea, was quietly waiting for the stranger.

The bougainvillea flowers made the role of Kim Lien more exotic and simple.

▲ A view of Kimrien Station.

Kim Lien Station, an intermediate station on the North-South Line of Vietnam, does not handle passengers, but is provided for train crossing and cargo handling.

When I saw Kim Lien, I thought at first glance that it might have something to do with the area called Kim Lien where President Ho Chi Minh, the father of Vietnam, grew up as a child.

Kim Lien Station is located close to the coast. And this is a bay in the form of the nearby sea entering the land, and the name is Kim Lien Bay. So I’m guessing that the name wasn’t borrowed here. I thought that maybe even Kim Lienman had something to do with President Ho Chi Minh. That’s because President Ho Chi Minh’s status in Vietnam is beyond our imagination.


▲ The VIP room at Kim Lien Station?

It does not appear to be the waiting room at Kimrien Station. There was a small but waiting room next to it. However, it doesn’t seem to be the same place as the old Seoul Station grill restaurant (?).

Even though the interior seen through the window does not handle passengers, the interior is quite well maintained. Measures have been taken to prevent the general public from entering.

Considering that there is a podium at the back, it looks like a VIP room where important people are greeted. In Korea, there are actually VIP rooms at big stations in big cities.

If you associate it with the nearby Lien Chieu Industrial Park, you can make some analogies. Maybe it’s a place to brief special guests visiting this place?


▲ Boxed wagons and containers at Kimrien Station.

From Kim Lien Station, there is a dedicated line for about 1 km to the nearby Lien Chieu Industrial Park. It appears to be a wagon for transporting export goods from manufacturers in the industrial complex.


▲ Locomotives detained at Kimrien Station.

Among the 40 units imported from Chego, two diesel locomotives of the D12 E-600 series are being attracted side by side.

It is said that diesel locomotives of the D11H, D12E, and D20E series are often attracted to Kimrien Station.

Behind the locomotive, there is a shelter for one person for employees displaying hand signals next to the start signal, and a boxed car is housed on the safety sideline.


I’m not sure what the device on the white steps ahead is for. Presumably, judging from the height and shape, it is probably a device for exchanging driver’s licenses between the station and the engineer.

When you get a permit for something like a bar-shaped handle above, the square shape with a pierced bottom side can be taken by the engineer if you insert the permit.



▲ The inside of Kimrien Station looks so peaceful

I prefer a small, empty, but peaceful place to a train station with a fancy and fancy building.


▲ Scrap iron wheels at Kimrien Station.

There are iron wheels that appear to have been abandoned outside the siding in the station.

If you give me one, I might pick it up(?) and go…


If I add a few characters, in Vietnamese, Kim Lien Station is written as Ga Kim Liên. I had a lot of trouble with how to express it in Korean.

Most of the time, I get a hint from Google recommending frequently used expressions as search terms, but in this case, there was no recommended search either because it was a station that did not handle passengers.

Although not many, I was able to see Korean expressions in the order of Kim Lien, Kim Lien, and Kim Lien in some articles. So after a lot of thought, I decided on Kim Lien, which I use a lot.


Then, let’s leave Kim Lien Station, where we first stopped by, and head to Thanke Station, where we will stop by next time.