Usually, a wagon in the shape of a tank, as shown in the picture below, is called a car. It is often referred to as ‘even a tank’ in the field.

Tank-type wagons are used to transport liquid or powder-type cargo that cannot be packaged, such as oil or bulk cement, or dangerous materials such as sulfuric acid or liquefied gas.

The most common wagons are carcasses for transporting cement in bulk and tankers for transporting oil.


tank car

Even used to transport oil.

It is a privately owned vehicle belonging to SK Energy and mainly transports military aviation fuel.


Oil Tanker_Gimcheon Station

A tanker standing proudly(?) in front of the ITX-Saemaeul 1001 train bound for Busan


Oil Tanker_Gimcheon Station_02

A tanker driving in the rain


Oil Tanker_Gimcheon Station_03

A tanker freight train temporarily evacuating to send the Mugunghwa train first


Oil Tanker_Shintanjin Station

Even Yanghoe, who is being held at Shintanjin Station.

It is a privately owned vehicle belonging to Hanil Cement near Shintanjin Station, and now it will be affiliated with Hanil Hyundai Cement due to the merger of Hanil Cement and Hyundai Cement.


Yanghoejyo_Cheonan Station

A freight train waiting at the signal at Cheonan Station


Tanker_Shintanjin Station_02

It is a truck used to transport liquefied gas with a freight wagon currently being held at Sintanjin Station on the Gyeongbu Line.