Dynamic Track Stabilizer (DTS) is railway maintenance equipment.

Railway maintenance equipment is usually divided into first class and second class mechanical equipment, and Dynamic Track Stabilizer (DTS) belongs to first class mechanical equipment.

However, this does not mean that it is only applied to one type of work. After the second type machine work, the final track will be inspected and finished.


Since the work action does not look large, it seems to be just a movement from a distance, but it transmits strong vibration to the track to reduce the empty space between the sprayed ballast gravel and increase the cohesion of the gravel, thereby strengthening the bearing capacity of the ballast loosened after work. serves a giving role. Also, it does not miss the important role of correcting the height and left-right distortion of the loose gauge after work. Therefore, it is one of the equipments that must be indispensable for second-class mechanical work.


▲ Dynamic Track Stabilizer (DTS) working at night


▲ Dynamic Track Stabilizer (DTS) belonging to the Korea Rail Network Authority temporarily stopped at Daejeon Station