Conveyor Hopper Car (CHC) is an auxiliary equipment of Ballast Cleaner belonging to Class 2 equipment.

Since the conveyor hopper car cannot work alone, it works as a team with the Ballast Cleaner. The ballast cleaner separates the soil from the gravel and sends it through the conveyor connected to the hopper car, and the hopper car plays the role of receiving and discarding the soil. At this time, since the hopper car does not have its own power, it moves with the tow of the motor car.

Usually, if the cleaner is detained at the station, the conveyor hopper car will follow. As a result, it is also the largest among railway equipment.


▲ Ballast cleaner and Conveyor Hopper Car (CHC) working on the 2nd type at Gumi Station after blocking the use of the track


▲ Conveyor Hopper Car (CHC) and 2 types of equipment at Cheonan Station


▲ Conveyor Hopper Car (CHC) at Seodaejeon Station