Commuter trains are the lowest class passenger trains and are often referred to as CDC (Commuter Diesel Car).

It is a representative train for the common people, but now it can only be seen on the Gwangju Line. Although it is a train full of old-fashioned sensibility, it must be a proof that the aging has progressed as much as that.

I don’t think we will see the commuter train that has been our feet for a long time.


Commuter train (CDC) stopped at Yeoncheon Station

A commuter train stopping at Yeoncheon Station on the Gyeongwon Line.

Is it because of the deep blue sky? The deterioration of the commuter train seems to stand out more and more, and the old sensibility is doubled.

From April 1, 2019, due to the electrification construction between Dongducheon Station and Yeoncheon Station, commuter trains will no longer be seen on the Gyeongwon Line.


Commuter train (CDC) destination index

Commuter train destination sign.

It is a destination sign that remains intact for a long time.


Cabins on the Commuter Train (CDC)

The cabin of a commuter train.


Passengers on the Commuter Train (CDC)

Commuter train users at the time of operation on the Gyeongwon Line.

Commuter trains full of seats ahead of suspension in 2019, most of the elderly were on board, so it was impressive.


Commuter train (CDC) stopping at Gwangju Station

A commuter train stopping at Gwangju Station.

Commuter trains have been replaced since 2020 instead of the Mugunghwa-ho diesel trains (RDC) currently operating on the Gwangju Line (Gwangju Songjeong ↔ Gwangju).


Renewal cabin of commuter train (CDC)_02

The cabin of a commuter train.

Although the grade was lowered, the atmosphere of the commuter train changed dramatically as it was renewed.


Simple seats on commuter trains (CDC)

A wheelchair seat on a commuter train that looks like a simple seat.

In upper-class trains, there is a restraining device on the floor for electric wheelchairs, and seats for general wheelchairs have separate belts on the seats themselves. However, in commuter trains, the space for general wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs is shared as foldable seats.