It has already been 3 years since I went on a package tour to Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was probably the 3rd day of the trip. With the help of the meta information in the photo, let’s revive and attach the frayed pieces of memory.

Due to the tight nature of the package tour, I couldn’t take a break, but fortunately I had some free time on the third day.

Early in the morning, I took a tuk-tuk taxi and headed for the nearest Chiang Mai Station.


Chiang Mai Station, Thailand

Entrance to Chiang Mai Station, Thailand.

A train station is usually written simply as a station or train station in English, but in Thailand it is written as a railway station.

Chiang Mai Station is a typical two-level platform train station. As it is a large and terminal station, it is equipped with a turntable that can change the direction of the locomotive.


Chiang Mai Station, Thailand

Special Express.

Literally, it should be called a special express train. This is the most expensive train.

It is a train that ran all night from Bangkok to Chiang Mai for more than 13 hours. It is operated as a seat during the day and converted into a bed at night. It is often referred to as the sleeper train.

I disconnected the locomotive before I knew it, changed the direction of the locomotive at the turntable, and reconnected it.

After having enough rest during the day, I am waiting to go back to Bangkok in the evening.


This is a view of a 2nd class cabin that converts into a bed.

Compared to the fact that many trains still rely on fans, it can be said that it is a relatively new model equipped with an air conditioner (?). It was clean and tidy as if it was ready to go.


Chiang Mai Station, Thailand

Local Train in Thailand.

Although it is a regular train, it also has a restaurant. At the very end, the cargo compartment is connected and operated.


Chiang Mai Station, Thailand

When I first saw it, I thought it was a soldier, but when I saw the blue fighter jet in my hand, I realized that it was a station attendant.


Chiang Mai Station, Thailand

The elevated home on the left is for cargo loading and unloading.

Usually, work boats with elevated grooves load or unload cargo from boxcars.

Just then, a passenger train came in with propulsion and unloaded cargo from the cargo compartment. There were quite a few motorcycles among the cargo, which was impressive.


Chiang Mai Station, Thailand

not a park. It is an extremely exotic Chiang Mai Station platform.

There are no benches on the platform to rest on, which is pleasing to the eyes but never pleasant to the legs.


Chiang Mai Station, Thailand

A steam locomotive on display at Chiang Mai Station Square.

I’m sorry I don’t have much to tell you because I’ve been looking around for a while. If I visit Thailand, I will definitely stop by again and bring back the stories I lacked.