If you walk for about 15 minutes in the direction of Yeongdo from the 168-step monorail in Choryangibagu-gil, Busan, you can meet another monorail.

It is the Yeongju-dong Oreum-gil monorail.

I moved directly from Choryang-dong to this place, so I naturally compared the two places.

Compared to Choryang-dong, the slope here is not as steep. Nor is there a ‘story’ of the neighborhood. It’s just a pure lift monorail.

Thanks to the inclination not being steep, it operated stably without left-right vibration. On the other hand, it was a bit disappointing that there was no dizzying taste (?).

Instead, being able to see the monorail in the closest place can be said to be the biggest advantage and happiness of a railroad geek.

▲ Monorail going down

This monorail was installed by a company called ‘Korea Monorail’.

The Choryang-dong monorail is also a product of this company, and it is a company that installs urban monorails and tourist monorails installed to overcome slopes like this one.


▲ The rail part of the monorail


▲ For the elderly who have to go up and down the stairs to ride the monorail, this also seems difficult.


▲ A sculpture of a steam locomotive will relieve your boredom.


▲ Track part of the monorail


▲ Park Ki-jong Memorial Hall

If you go up to the top (?) by monorail, you can look around the Park Ki-jong Memorial Hall in 1 minute.

Park Ki-jong, who founded Korea’s first private railway company, the Hahoe Railway Company, is one of the indispensable pioneers in modern corporate history.


▲ Park Ki-jong Memorial Hall

It is a 3-story building and is operated free of charge. One of the staff will guide you on the first floor. There is a water purifier and toilet, so you can use it when you are in a hurry.

On the second floor, you can see the life and footsteps of Park Ki-jong, and there is also a train-themed photo zone.

The 3rd floor can be said to be the publicity center of Busan Dong-gu Office, which manages and operates this place. There is a small door leading to the roof here. Although not the skyline, it offers a great location with panoramic views of the harbor as well as around Busan Station.