Hello~ I am the Rookie of Railway Nomad.

I went to Busan, where special railroads are concentrated. That was a month ago…

The reason why we collect data on special railways, even though we have quite a bit of data for general railways, is because the data is relatively poor. It can be said that the reason why I chose Busan as my first choice was the urgency that comes from such insolvency.

This is because if you go to Busan, you can visit several special railways in just half a day.

When you get off at Busan Station, start with the 168-step monorail on Ibagu-gil in Choryang-dong across the street, and the Yeongju-dong Oreum-gil monorail about a 15-minute walk from there.

If you go to Yeongdo, there is a monorail operated by a fairly large restaurant. You should also see Private Railway (private railroad, private railroad) here, right?


Today, I would like to introduce the 168-step monorail in Ibagu-gil, Choryang-dong.

▲ This is the beginning of the 168 steps.

If it is 168 steps, there will be some people who ask how great it is. However, if you actually visit, you will be able to feel it. One floor of the apartment can be taken as high as 8 floors or more even if you climb only 20 steps.

Stairs in normal buildings usually have a flat part (landing) in the middle, but this place has no choice but to have a large slope because the stairs lead to the end without even that.

It is more dangerous when going down than when going up. Doesn’t that mean the crab went up those stairs after leaving it next to the monorail? It was difficult enough to get a handkerchief completely wet, and it was so dangerous that I couldn’t even dare to come down without holding onto the handrail.


▲ Can you guess the slope from the monorail? To the right is an emergency staircase.


▲ There is a well on the left side of the 168 steps, and the entrance to the monorail platform on the right side.

Seeing the young (relatively ^^) taking pictures diligently, an elderly man who is in charge of managing the monorail as a public worker speaks to me.

He said that he drew water from that well and went up and down those stairs. While doing so, he opened the cover of the well and said that the water was still coming out without drying up.

It was really interesting. Well water comes from such a high elevation.

Now, she summons a person who is just like my mother and the hardships of my youth as memories…. Even though the places where we lived in difficult times were different, I thought that we could not be where we are today because of the hardships of all our mothers.

I hurried to move to the next course… but I regretted buying a drink.

When you come down to Busan next time you’re elderly, I’ll be sure to bring you a cool drink and see you again.

▲ Against the clear sky, the intense red monorail waddles up the steep slope.

Running speed is about the same as walking speed. This is because the slope is so steep, and the distance between stops is so short.

You can see Busan Station behind the monorail car. (Next to the big building)


▲ On the way to the Choryang Ibagu-gil monorail, there are shops that bring back memories.

Wouldn’t it be less difficult if you bought a chewy dish and an ice cream and went up while eating it?

I will move to the nearby Yeongju-dong oreum-gil monorail. thank you