Ballast Regulator is a railway maintenance equipment.

Railroad maintenance equipment is usually divided into Class I and Class II mechanical equipment, and the Ballast Regulator belongs to Class I mechanical equipment.

Ballast regulators are often referred to as ‘REs’ in the workplace.

The Ballast Regulator uses a device called a shovel to clean up the pre-sprayed gravel along the rails, and also replenishes gravel for tracks that lack gravel.

In other words, this blade can be regarded as a ‘shovel’ if the manpower is directly involved.

The ballast regulator moves the gravel to the desired position while properly juxtaposing the central blade and the side blade, and can work at more than 1km per hour.

In addition, it not only makes the curved part work smoothly, but it can also flatten the sidewalk, which is the construction surface, and properly arrange the gravel at both ends of the sleeper to facilitate the replacement of the sleeper.