The ballast compactor is railway maintenance equipment and belongs to the first class mechanical equipment.


Railroad maintenance equipment is usually divided into Class 1 mechanical equipment and Class 2 mechanical equipment, and Ballast Compactor belongs to Class 1 mechanical equipment.

Ballast compactors are often referred to as ‘compactors’ on the job site.


The ballast compactor is mainly used to organize and clean gravel on roadways.

When the Multiple Tie Tamper works to correct the misalignment of the track, the roadbed becomes unstable, and to strengthen the resistance and cohesiveness of the roadway, the roadway surface and shoulders are compacted at the same time with a compactor.


In addition, the work of the multiple tie tamper (MTT) cleans the scattered gravel on the sleeper, and if there is an excessively sprayed gravel, it is collected and re-sprayed with the ballast shoulder.

▲ Ballast Compactor under construction at Miryang Station


▲ Ballast compactor and railway maintenance equipment being held at Gumi Station.

After that, it looks like an erosion car.