Ballast Cleaner is a railway maintenance equipment and belongs to Class 2 mechanical equipment.


Railway maintenance work is divided into class 1 machine work and class 2 machine work, and the Ballast Cleaner works only with class 2 machine work.

Ballast cleaners are often called ‘cleaners’ in the workplace.


If the 1st machine work is mainly correcting or compacting a warped track, the 2nd machine job replaces the worn out gravel and separates the soil mixed with the gravel due to the bunting phenomenon.

In particular, the cleaner is a key piece of equipment for type 2 machine work, and after pulling up and separating the gravel and soil under the sleeper, the gravel is disposed of as a track and the soil is disposed of separately.

In short, it is a task to change the quality of the railroad bed.


Usually, the cleaner needs the support of a Conveyor Hopper Car (CHC. Conveyor Hopper Car) and a Motor Car rather than alone. When the cleaner separates the soil or sand mixed with the gravel, it must be thrown off the track or elsewhere.


▲The cleaner, hopper car, and motor car are moving to the work place as one unit.



▲ A ballast cleaner in full swing.


▲ A ballast cleaner that stopped working for a while


▲ The place where the cleaner worked and passed


▲ The ballast cleaner with the conveyor unscrewed because there is no hopper car.