Along with the Sea Train, the Baekdudaegan Gorge Train is evaluated as the most tourist train in terms of design. It was designed by French fashion designer Felix Boukobza. The overall concept gives off a safari vibe.

It is sometimes called Baby Baekho Train (or asked to be called ^^) as a nickname, but now it is just widely called V-train.


Baekdudaegan Gorge Train Observation Car

A V-Train stopped at Buncheon Station.

V-train has a pretty back.

Isn’t that a bit exotic? Maybe it’s because of the sense of heterogeneity that has not been seen in domestic trains so far.


Baekdudaegan Gorge Train_Railway Bridge

A V-train crossing the railroad bridge between Buncheon Station and the temporary platform at Bidong Station.

The V-train runs endlessly between these rivers and canyons.


Baekdudaegan Gorge Train_Yeongju Station

Front view of Baekdudaegan Valley Train (V-train).

V-train preparing to depart from Yeongju Station. The reason why it is called Baby Baekho Train can be found in its appearance.


Baekdudaegan Gorge Train Car 1

Baekdudaegan Valley Train (V-train) Car 1.

The V-train is a 3-car, 1-car configuration, and the seats in all cabins are symmetrically arranged horizontally and vertically.

Social geolidugi by pendemic has been relieved, but so far, there are not many users who are careful.


Baekdudaegan Gorge Train Car 1 - Observation Car

Observation windows of cars 1 and 3 of the Baekdudaegan Valley Train (V-train).

This observation window is available from the rearmost car, so you can see it from car 1 when leaving Yeongju Station and from car 3 when heading to Yeongju Station.


Baekdudaegan Gorge Train Car 1_02

When the V-train was first introduced, air conditioning and heating were solved with a fan and a stove, but it was inevitably reached to its limit.

Now, the problem has been completely solved by installing air conditioners in each room. However, the fan and stove were left in place. It was lucky and good.


Baekdudaegan Gorge Train_Car No. 2

Baekdudaegan Gorge Train (V-train) Car 2.

The windows in all rooms can be opened. If you look closely at the window on the right side of the picture, there is something like a latch on the window frame.

You can adjust the degree of opening of the window by holding the knobs on both sides and placing them in appropriate positions. I think this is also the charm of V-Train.


Baekdudaegan Gorge Train_Car No. 3

Baekdudaegan Gorge Train (V-train) Car 3

Sightseeing trains do not run every day. There are days when it is not operated due to regular maintenance. Especially during the pendemic period.

Please check availability when planning your trip.