When I left Tikau Station and went back to the hotel, I saw the nearby Bac Ninh Station. However, since I didn’t have much time to spare, I think I’ll be able to soothe the sadness of Bac Ninh Station only by taking a taxi. Thanks to that, the time to eat breakfast is getting farther and farther away…

There are too many taxis around the station, so I chose a young friend. When I tell the destination, they ask me to pay 5 dollars. So, using the bargaining know-how I learned from free travel, I hit it with $2. Is it because I’m dumbfounded or because I bargained too well? This dude just laughs. In fact, I’m at a disadvantage in bargaining because I don’t have time, so I’m okay pretending I can’t win when I call for $3.

▲ Entrance to Bac Ninh Station, Vietnam.

As there is no square, Bac Ninh Station suddenly appears as soon as you enter the driveway, and it looks somewhat awkward.

I didn’t see any taxis around, so I paid the taxi fare and bargained again to see if I could go to the hotel for $2 in 10 minutes.

My friend gladly agrees. I ran for the role of Bak Ninh while shouting ‘thank you’.


▲ A view of Bac Ninh Station in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh, the national wealth and pride of the Vietnamese people, can be seen even at the train station. If you travel in Vietnam, you will find that it is not strange at all after a few hours.

It started raining on the first day of the group trip, so I was in trouble. Everyone wore disposable raincoats and visited the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum by following the guide like kindergarten students.

Although I heard it as a guide from a Korean guide, I can see how proud the Vietnamese people are of Ho Chi Minh.


▲ Vietnam Bac Ninh Station


▲ Entrance to the waiting room at Bac Ninh Station, Vietnam.

▲ The waiting room at Bac Ninh Station, Vietnam.


▲ Ticket window at Bac Ninh Station, Vietnam.


▲ Ticket booth at Bac Ninh Station, Vietnam

The ticket office looks very old. I can’t see anyone in the station, but the cash is exposed.


▲ A platform at Bac Ninh Station in Vietnam. To Thicau Station.


▲ A platform at Bac Ninh Station in Vietnam. Direction to Yen Vien Station.

Compared to the small number of trains and the number of passengers, it was managed quite cleanly.

I knew I had to go back to the hotel quickly to digest my schedule on the last day, but I turned around. In fact, it was not large enough to look around and the materials were limited.

It looks like it only took about 5 hours. Thanks to the young taxi driver, I was able to look around Bac Ninh Station and come to the hotel with plenty of time.

Since the party had not yet gathered, we were able to eat a little bit of breakfast and manage the day’s schedule. But what remains for a long time is only the good memories of touring the two train stations from dawn.